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Omega Deville Replica Watches

Our nearest celestial object, the moon. The moon is a 7.342x1022 kg solid iron mass that orbits the Earth at 3,683 km/hr. It completes an orbit around Earth every 29.5 day if its synodic period is taken into account (roughly speaking, it takes 27.3 days to consider its sidereal phase).

The moon is only one-fourth the size of Earth. However, due to their constant waltz the gravity of the moon pulls the Earth upwards, causing predictable daily rises and falls in the sea level that we call tides. The gravity of the Moon is said to be responsible for a phenomenon called tidal brake, which has led to a slowing down of Earth's rotation speed.

It's not surprising that, for all its importance to humankind as we understand it in science -- and the collection of mythical stories -- the moon phase complication continues to amaze us.Omega Deville Replica Watches This wonder has now been added to Omega Deville Replica Watches collection.

Omega Deville Replica Watches Moon phase in silver barleycorn pattern dial with painted Arabic numerals (Image (c), Revolution).

With each new innovation announced since 2005, the Omega Deville Replica Watches Collection aims to demonstrate the watchmaker’s commitment to watchmaking traditions. This is what the Master Moon Phase aims to do.

The watch comes in two sizes: 42 mm and a 40 mm. It is made of stainless steel, with a variety of dials. The watch is available in three different versions: black with a barleycorn pattern dial and painted Roman numbers, silver with a barleycorn pattern dial and painted Arabic numerals and sunray blue with applied indexes. The 40 mm case is also available in the three colors and 13 diamond indexes.

The caliber L899, developed by ETA's sister company, is used in all variations of the watches. The movement is known as ETA A31.L91 in ETA speak. The movement has hours, minutes, central seconds, as well as the date and moon phase indicator at 6 o’clock.

Walter Von Kanel, the CEO of Omega Deville Replica Watches,omega replica watches shared the following at the launch of Master Moon Phase: Omega Deville Replica Watches listens to its customers and shares what they say with the people who represent our brand in our retail outlets -- I call these my best spies. We as a company can only make decisions about a new watch by listening to both parties. "For the Master Moon Phase the time is now."

Technical Specifications

Move with ease

Self-winding calibre A31.L91 (ETA L899); displays the date, moon phase and hours; central running seconds as well as minutes; the Moon phase is displayed. 64-hour power reserve.

Case Study

Water resistant up to 30m for 42 &40 mm stainless steel.


Leather bracelet with a triple safety folding clasp in a color-matched leather or stainless steel.